Friday, December 11, 2009


Woke up in the morning jus like a blur boy,came down turn on my comp play game all de way till 6..den ainuddin call me say go lepak at bj,so i went to bj and we yam cha and smoke with kicap boy(parvind) den after on the way going to ainuddin car i lost my rm50!!! OMG ...den he told me dah hilang punya la den i was like ok la,so we went to parvind hs wait him take shirt and pants for clubbing den we went back to din hs,parvind keep say wan play ps3 den ok la when reach his hs he duno how on it and same go to din den i figure it out and he start playing while i was lying on the sofa...after 1hr plus smoking time!! den after smoke we went mamak to eat and waiting for dani,hafiz,pairul ..when they arrive so they so they going club but i couldnt join cause need teaman my mom she alone at hafiz and others fetch me home and now i am onlining .....wat a day huh???

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wake up in the morning ,sir called me and daniel go out after he pick me up we went fishing so sir and daniel fish i was smsing ,den a guy that call me dunggu end up being scold cause people is fishing for fish but that dunggu end up fishing the tree how so hai??and its daniel heng.. ahhaha


Day1 morning till afternoon
So this yr i went genting for the second time de,this time is with huan yuan(cb joker),daniel(gay),andrea(serious girl) and the girl that keep want to slap me u knw who u r..Lets start from day when which is friday ,En.Arief came to my hs and pick me up at abt 8.30 in the morning so we started our journey and need to fetch two monkey ,but guess wat it took us 40 min to reach thier place cause is fucking jam up all the way to daniel house .So after picking them up we thought we will not stuck in the jam but end up batu caves also jam and its abt 11 pm ,then i ask arief why arent this people in the office den he ask me ask them so i put down the window and cream and no people reply me WTF! So it took us abt 1 hr to reach up genting once we reach thr we got a parking very fast once we go to the parking place ,after that we went to the hotel which is 1st world the most cb hotel ever and took the ticket and wait for number and its bloody long and they told us we only can stay one night the next day need check out 8am in the morning WTF ,so we got in to the room teacher went back for tuition me huan yuan and daniel is in the room and huan yuan went to sleep but me and daniel went and eat at the canteen near them park the weather is fking cold wei after we eat we went back to the room and sleep ,me and daniel sleep for 1 hr plus then a monkey woke us up and say he hungry oh great we need fellow him go eat .


So andrea and nadiah reach de i told them to meet us at starbucks and took them more den half an hour to meet us when they reach starbucks they called me i ask whr are we and bucks stupid la they .After we meet up nadiah ask me whr to eat and she ask got TGI or god kl so many come up genting eat so hai betul,after we eat we walk and nothing to do so we decide to watch movie ,we went and bought the ticket 2012 and went back our room and chit chat for 2 hrs plus after that we went to highland thr and took picture ,bloody hell the weather outside is 9 celcius dam cold talk also ur mouth got smoke come out after that daniel say wan go back shower den ok la he and huan yuan went back their room i fellow andrea and nadiah back to thier room and charge my phone.After kau tim everything we went to the cinema and nadiah was like so obssed with popcorn so she bought it and start eating but i took it away from her i scare b4 we going in and watch movie she finish it de,so the movie started den we watch i find it boring infornt but when the part the world start crashing and this is the part suppose be kan cheong guess who slept?? andrea daniel and nadiah only me and huan yuan watching so we decide go back to the room and rest ,we decided to sleep at nadiah room and we did but the most stupid thing no one can sleep so we chat chat chat and suddenly i hungry den me daniel and huan yuan went down buy kfc but nadiah say she wan something light so i bought her porridge from marry brown and went back up and eat,after we eat nadiah slept left me dan ,drea and yuan chit chat till 5 plus in the morning and finally we went to sleep.

Day 2 morning till afternon
Me and huan yuan need wake up so early to check out so we went back our room and took our thing and check out den we went back nadiah room and sleep awhile .So how abt the room we need for today well thats no room and nadiah and his dad went back so cant help us much ,so arief came up and help us ask they say full hs but daniel was the hero he got confident that we going get room but arief dint want wait for 1hr plus and he say good luck to us and went back,after we went down we went for lunch straight after lunch daniel mom called him and say we got room and its at highland and is premier room,5 stars babe so we hurry check in and shower and took a rest for 2 hrs plus .

So after we rest we went to bought ticket for indoor games and we went for motion master(malaysia motion master sucks) fellow by bumper car and other slow thing that we went on a ride after that drea and dan went for the superman thing which me and yuan nvr go cause no money =( so seeing them ride that thing its was like huh?? anyway after thier ride we went for a slow ride agn in the indoor after that we complete everything we decide wat to eat for dinner and i voice out since we no money we eat maggie with egg so we went and bought it and went back our room and i am the chief that night and we start to eat ..and huan yuan and me was watching football we was waiting for MU VS WEST HAM game so we shout when they score then i was like scolding when they cant even kick a ball.After the Mu game yuan ask me watch with him chelsea game but end up i fall asleep and he keep ask me watch and i ask him dun ever wake me up agn..and after that every1 slept .
Day 3-last day
It was a bleedy nice hotel comfort bed we slept till one plus and finally we check out,dan and drea went down by using cable car but yuan fellow his cousin back,after reaching down we wanted take a bus bakc to one u but they say 12pm was the last bus so we have to take a private taxi down which coast us rm 60 and we decide to go curve when we reach curve we were dam tored went to find nadiah at baskin robbin while waiting for ben to take us to go pyramid ,after reaching pyramid my fren dinesh came and pick us up and send drea home it was a funny and crazy trip back to drea hs.
Dan stay my hs we have dinner we watch me play nba he play also ...but but this is the time when we going to sleep i build a border line in between us cause he going start touching me and become a gay. So thats all for all 3 days.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I AM BACK...after 2 months and the half since exam and i have not been updating my blog cause of exam de other reason is that my streamyx line have been stole thats why i have to cut my line off too ,until today my line is back...i always tell my selff dun potong line

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hou You -study hard pls just pass

Daniel-study harder try get 3a's

Huan yuan-if can get a's for bm jus go for it




4/10/09..SUNDAY MORNING,a very nice day to sleep but i go to wake up just to go out eat with my dad and sister,we went to papa rich near taipan abt 10am den finish around i went home and wanted to play some game then then then...SOMEONE NAME DANIEL HENG(a student that suppose to study for pmr called me and tell me that he coming down to subang taipan i was like WTF a dude thats taking pmr in 2 day time in subang.SO abt 1pm he reach so i went to McD and meet him up he have our lunch and sit thr like a dungu and chi chat den he say wan go find Yung wei den he called him up and we took bus a went to look for him.when we reach thr i saw kim hang,hock lai and ck so while waiting them to finish dinner they plan to go ac so eveyone agree we took the bus and went thr but seriously i din expext i will end up in ac today playing dota..during the dota time tas a lots of joke going home and kim hang say he dun wan sit beside me cause i maing him laugh and tas a dude name kap kei head keep see my comp!! grrrr u knw who you are?..So after we played dota we went to eat and guess wat hock lai did he went and buy a taiwanese sausage and order the extra spicy the power dam!!!!so he ate i say good luck to him and he start drinking water and shouting all kinds of badwords! stupid guy,and wats the more stupid thing is he knw his hand got the powder he go rub his eye OMG so hai zai and we went toilet and wash for 5 minute plus plus and he came out his mouth and the eye bongkak!! LOL,after eating kh and hl went cut hair me and jet went up look for yw and ck,i played with ck pool and i won him tyty,after 10 min jet mom came and took us back.When i reach home i was dam tired and need go to the idian guy shop name kumarli and cut hair so he today testing a style on me so i am the experiment boy and cut my hair.1st i was worry but end up not bad hahaa as long teacher dun touch my hair.